Silhouettes T-Shirt

Silhouettes T-Shirt

White Cotton T-Shirt available on BandCamp

Debut Album

'Misty Silhouettes' is available on VINYL, DIGIPACK and/or DIGITAL  on BandCamp !


Available on Vinyl

Misty Silhouettes LP (2020)

Misty Silhouettes Digipack (2018)

Misty Silhouettes Digipack (2018)

Our Story

We are NOVATOM, we are 3 brothers, we play Rock. In the noble way. With electro loops, sometimes dreamy, always refined. “Misty Silhouettes”, our first album is available. 

We’ve been playing together for several years. In fact, we always played together ! When we were kids, there was an old vintage Marshall amp and a drum kit lying in the family house basement. It is quite naturally and with a lot of fun that our first teenage creations were born. Time goes by, and today, we are NOVATOM, a Rock act, in a noble way and we play Rock with electro loops, Dreamlike sometimes, always refined.  

We recorded our debut album ‘Misty Silhouettes’ during multiple sessions in various studios, even in our own studio in the family garage ! 9 rock songs, with a rough, powerful, subtle sound, mixing perfectly the energy of rock in the electro tones, via a dreamlike pop.  

‘Misty Silhouettes’ Out Now  (Label : AntiStatiK/2018).

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